Shoe Repairs

Shoe Repair Services:

Clean suede UGGS and Timberland Boots
Replace heels/lifts (men and women’s)
Repair any loose stitching
Leather Repairs
Replace welting or middle sole as needed
Shine and polish
Replace shanks
Replace elastics
Dye leather
Refinish uppers
Recover heels
Leather insoles (fitted with cushions)
Heel liners
Sole guards
Lower heel heights
Replace boot and leather jacket zippers
Orthopedic Corrections
Heel and Toe plates
Repair minor rips
Re-lace Dock Siders and boat shoes
Pocket book repairs
Replace full leather soles
Shorten Belts and Pocketbook Straps
Dye fabric shoes to your swatch
Toe Pieces

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We provide dry cleaning, laundry, alterations and shoe repair services. The convenience of dry cleaning combined with superior customer service ensures your satisfaction.